Friday, 27 October 2017

Me, myself and I

I was thinking that this blog can be of interest for other different able people, so I will try to explain a bit of how my body works.

In 2003 I had an motorcycle accident and got a spinal cord injury. The injury is incomplete and at level Th3. I can stand on my feet, not for a long time, but enough that it is helpful in many situations. I need to hold on to something because my balance is not so good. My body has also big difference between my right and left side. My left side is the strongest for movement and my right side is best for sensibility. I can actually lift my left foot so I can walk stairs, one step at a time.

For the daily life I use a manually wheelchair from Panthera U3 light with a SmartDrive and a FreeWheel. This equipment is perfectly for an active life in wheelchair.

My car, a WV Caravelle from 2015, is fully equipped with an elevator in the back, and two electrical side doors. As I can stand I can also use the side doors for lifting my wheelchair inside and then go up the extra mounted step to get inside my car. I use a handle for managing the gas and brake pedals. And I have an adaptive cruise control! That is the best invention ever! It works perfectly so I can keep my patient even when I meet not so good drivers on my way, haha!

Other things to know? I am working in a hospital laboratory as a bioengineer, well, now I have permission from work for a year, but I plan to come back to my great colleges in November 2018. Until then I will stay in Italy for training my body to get stronger so I can manage to do my work even better.

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